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Flagrantly Enraging Them All


Ahoy, Hail, and Howdy Goblins!!

The best damned, freedom loving, comfy ass, enraging merch store is BACK!!!

After ditching the middle man, who was ruining the awesomeness of our customer orders, we got our own machine and we're starting the beast back up!

We're going to run a relaunch campaign to help recoup some of the costs we put into it, but the big thing is that we're back and ready to rock with direct to customer orders!

The campaign length will be a few weeks, with a month being the high end estimate before we're processing orders.

No more non-sensical delays, no more weak flabby excuses from a bigger company that doesn't care, no more bullshit....

The only thing we're bringing is quality threads, phenomenal designs, MORE ITEMS, and more creators to lift up into the world of the fellowship!

 You'll notice that the other collections are not visible, but don't fret. We're doing the pre-order campaign for relaunch first, then we'll open the floodgates on the other collections.

And, whether you buy the smallest package for a discord badge, or the largest for lifetime 30% off, all of the support is greatly appreciated by us no matter what.

Let's get this rolling!!

Flagrant Kam & Flagrant Crash
  • Direct Printing

    Each shirt is individually printed for you, the customer. This ensures attention to detail every time an order is placed.

  • Custom Prints

    While we are a small, independent operation, we have the freedom of printing what we want, when we want. This will lead to fun things in the future, such as design contests from customers!

  • Building Fellowship

    If you got here, it was probably from Chrissie Mayr or FNT. We are grateful for what these creators do, and inspired us to make shirts that piss people off.